I was born & raised a Midwest girl from a suburb of Chicago, attended college at UW-Madison and moved out to San Diego in 2003. I'm married to a tall/goofy guy named John and we have a son, Jake. I work for a digital marketing company as a Senior Program Manager. I geek out on Harry Potter, fashion blogs and anything that includes chocolate and peanut butter.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I wanted to be a model when I was 12, only job I ever got was a hand modeling job. I held a burrito for Tyson Foods. 
  • When I first moved out to San Diego I went on a date with this actor's younger brother. Since the actor played Jesus in Passion of the Christ I couldn't help but put him in my phone as "Jesus's brother."
  • The closest I ever got to a celebrity was Justin Timberlake at a club in LA. I tried to go dance with him and stepped on one of his bodyguard's toes! The bodyguard picked me up and escorted me to the other side of the dance floor. I never said I was smooth.
  • John & I met while he was filming a story about the big opening of Padres Petco Park and the surrounding downtown nightlife. He came into the bar that I was working at looking for waitresses to be in his story, I volunteered. He was dressed as "cheesy nightclub guy" and we have the first time we met on camera. He smelled my hair and I rubbed his chest. A goofball match made in heaven. 

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