Friday, August 22, 2014

3 Squeezes

A sweet story I had to share...
Coronado Concert in the Park

Every Sunday in the summer we make a picnic dinner, drink wine in red solo cups and listen to a concert in our favorite park. This last Sunday we joined my father-in-law's Rotary group and I sat next to the sweetest older man. 

As the jazz band played and Jake worked on his token spinning dance move, this man told me how he says I love you to his wife, children and grandchildren. Three squeezes of their hand... I (squeeze) Love (squeeze) You (squeeze).

Sometimes it's accompanied with a hug, a kiss or the actual words but no matter what always the three squeezes. 

He found that over the years (especially in their teens) when he didn't want to embarrass his son in front of his friends he could just give him three squeezes and his son would know exactly how he felt.

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