Monday, August 25, 2014

Toddler Trickery - The Magic Lunchbox

Jake turns two next month and I'm already seeing glimpses of what's in store. Great stuff like a language explosion and the tough stuff like crazy kicking & screaming for little or no reason.

To avoid the tough stuff I've started gathering ideas from other parents on how to steer Jake away from crazy town before he gets there.

One strategy I learned from a mom with multiple kiddos is the magic lunchbox. I fill it with small toys that open and close, spin, buttons, reading material, a small snack, etc and the lunchbox only shows up once in awhile to make it special.

It can really change his whole mood and it buys this mama anywhere from 15 min to an hour of independent play (and maybe a glass of wine for this lady).  Most of these tiny toys I've collected on trips to Target.

Ideas - Small books, Superman key, finger puppets, small cars, a few Legos, flash cards, small bottle of bubbles, a spiny wand thingy.

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