Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crazy Pregnancy Dreams

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I've always had pretty vivid dreams and I'm well known for saying random things in my sleep. I've actually woke John before, handed him a throw pillow and asked "Would you like a truffle?" with a British accent. Yes, that really happened.

Anyway, it's only gotten weirder now that I'm pregnant. Here are 5 of the most ridiculous dreams I've had over the last 18 weeks, well, at least the ones I'm not too embarrassed to talk about:

1) Jessica Simpson and I became good “mom friends”

2) Make out session with Steven Tyler, more details in this post

3) I was one of the crazy, big haired Dallas ladies on the TV show GCB

4) I got hit on by a guy who had a hunchback

5) The worst dream so far? The head of my IT department walked past me naked in the halls of my high school (oh and I had a meeting with him the next day, so awkward!)

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