Sunday, April 1, 2012

LA Weekend

This weekend was very eventful... John and I went up to LA Saturday to visit some of my best UW- Madison friends. We had a great lunch with Tonya & Greg and then we met up with Ingrid & her friend Hannah at the Arclight on Sunset Blvd to see THE HUNGER GAMES!

It was my first time at the fancy Arclight theatre and I'm pretty sure I embarrassed my friends. During the movie - I cried, I squeezed Tonya next to me, I cried again, I covered my eyes and in my head I yelled at Katniss to climb up a tree then realized I actually said it out loud. I left the movie exhausted and red in the face from all the action. Needless to say its a must see.

We then went for dinner at Umami Burger... only in LA do you see burger joints so trendy they have high back chairs, chandeliers and a random stuffed swan on the wall. Kind've random but I still had a tasty truffle burger and lots of laughs with great company.

Sunday, we woke up late at Tonya & Greg's and continued our tradition of a pancake breakfast together. Then, to fight the food coma we went for a nice walk. I forget decent shoes so I wore huge fleece socks and Tonya's 3 sizes too big Toms.... I think I'm starting a new trend.

All and all a great weekend. Only disappointment? No kicks or jabs from baby W yet... I hear I should feel it any day now, can't wait!


  1. Hey Riley! It is Mary Brozic! You're pregnant!!! Congrats! I'm so glad I found your blog before my trip last week to LA as I saw this post on Umami Burger. I texted Ingrid and she said it was amazing. We went and I can't stop thinking about the truffle burger. YUM. Keep blogging!

    1. Hi Mary! So good to hear from you! I'm so glad you went to Umami and got the truffle burger, its making me hungry just thinking about it. Thanks for the blog support and hope all is well with you.