Monday, April 23, 2012

So far so good...

I made it to New York safe and sound. Here are some highlights:
  • Almost spilled water all over my computer
  • Sat next to a constant nose picker, I asked him if he needed a tissue to try and get him to stop, no dice.
  • Not sure if baby W likes or dislikes flying lots of kicks/punches
  • Inflight WiFi is the COOLEST, I fly frequently but this is my first time using it. Kinda nice, especially when its on the company's dime.
  • Dinner with the client tonight went well, big plate of penne pasta, yum... and a random conversation about how Paul McCartney is starting to look like a woman as he gets older.
  • I'm choosing to ignore the 128 emails in my inbox from today till after this big meeting is over.
  • Got a bedtime pep talk from John. Whenever either us has a big meeting, interview, etc we always say - "Do you know who you are?" Then I would respond in the most convincing tone possible - "I'm Megan F@#$-ing Weisbarth!" Try it sometime, its super silly I know, but it does the trick.


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