Monday, June 25, 2012

My Lazy Weekend in iPhone Photos

Work has been very stressful lately and I've been trying to be better about fully relaxing when I'm home and on the weekends. This was surprisingly easy to do this weekend...

Friday night consisted of fake wine, catching up on the Bachelorette, So You Think You Can Dance and John made Sam the Cooking Guy's Roasted Tomato Pasta and we ate my leftover salad from Salad Style (amazing salads & homemade dressings) my favorite lunch spot in San Diego.

On Saturday I felt the 3rd trimester lows - I was achy and was just plain grumpy. Luckily we had our good friends the Farleys over for dinner. Fun friends,  lots of laughs and chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels definitely helped lift my mood.

Sunday I woke up determined to find a maternity bathing suit for my friend Erin D's bachelorette party in Palm Springs next weekend. Scary I know, I thought I was going to leave the store crying & feeling like a hippo but I actually found a decent black & white poka dot tankini.

John & I also had a great lazy Sunday grabbing burgers at Slater's 50/50 (the meat is 1/2 ground beef 1/2 bacon) and a then a movie. We saw the movie Brave, I'm a big sucker for Pixar movies and though this one is good it doesn't quite stack up to Finding Nemo or Toy Story.

10 weeks and counting... and at this point Baby W is kicking, fist bumping and giving me the people's elbow, I can already tell he's going to be one active little guy... watch out!

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