Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Weekend in iPhone photos - Bachelorette Style

To state the obvious... partaking in one of your best friend's bachelorette party completely sober and over 7 months pregnant is a little different. But, still great times... you can still play flip cup (with water), still dance at dive bars and best of all, you have an excuse not to take really gross shots with names like bubble gum or chocolate cake!

Here are some highlights from the weekend:

Friday - 
- Palm Spring was hot as hell and so what's classier than shot gunning cold beers?
- Since Erin & Ryan are getting married in Austin, Texas we dressed up in our best western gear, played flippy cup & danced around to country music. 

Saturday - 
- The house we rented had a pool and I squeezed my pasty butt into my new tankini for well, at least an hour, till Baby W & I decided it was just too warm.
- The 2 other pregnant ladies and I went to the grocery story which, by the way, is a lot more fun to do using an electric shopping go carts!

Saturday night - 
- Dinner then off to a fun dive bar called the Red Barn for cheap drinks & dancing
- That Red Barn is smart... put a big fan on the dance floor and you're bound to see some crazy girls in front of it dancing and pretending they're models in a wind-blown photoshoot.

Sunday - 
- We packed up and headed to a spa downtown Palm Springs, nothing to write home about but still nice to cozy up in big robes and relax after a long weekend.  
- I forgot my fancy pregnancy pillows at the house we rented. We basically had to break into the house to get them! I was so relieved to get my special pillows back I treated my whole carpool to frozen yogurt. Right now good pillows are vital!

Anyway overall a great weekend filled with great friends & lots of laughs! Can't wait for your wedding Erin! 

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  1. You're a trooper Deuce!! Thank you for making my bachelorette weekend so special! I absolutely love the white dress you let me borrow! I promise to take good care of her until Baby W arrives :) Xoxo