Friday, August 31, 2012

The Deadline

I haven't talked about this yet because I've been hoping this baby will just come early but the truth is there is a little bit of a date looming...

John will be hosting a live, fantasy football show on Sunday mornings for which is taped in San Jose. He will fly out for his first show on 9/8 in the afternoon and be back midday on 9/9… only a 24 hour period so the chances are so low but still I'm a little skkrd he won't be back for the birth!

So… I've started researching tricks to get things moving in the next few days and there are some pretty random ones, here are just a few:

1) Get it on & have a glass of wine

2) Eat eggplant parmesan

3) Bounce on an exercise ball

4) Get a deep ankle massage

5) Drink castor oil (no way am I doing this one)

6) Get acupuncture

7) Drink red raspberry leaf tea

8) Eat romaine lettuce

9) Take a shot of balsamic vinegar

10) The most random… sit on a washing machine during the spin cycle!


  1. Foot massages, spicy food, long walks, cleaning house, and eating pineapple are a few others I've heard. Good luck!!!

  2. I bounced on an exersice ball and went on a walk. Totally worked. Good luck.

  3. Walk walk walk! I swear that's what did it with Jack. Also, it's your right to induce after 39 weeks. Lungs are fully mature, just sayin' : )