Friday, September 7, 2012

A Waiting Game

Sorry for my spotty & not so exciting posts over the last week. To be honest, I thought I'd be sharing photos with you of my bouncing baby boy by now! But as of today I'm officially 4 days overdue and not making much progress. We're still only 1 cm dilated but at least the baby has turned a bit (now facing my hip).

Now begins the stressful waiting game to hold this baby IN till John gets home Sunday afternoon! Unfortunately not a whole lot of pregnancy advice online on how to stay pregnant longer (big shock, I know) so I've made up my own rules:

- Read blogs about other people I know having babies and be extremely jealous

- Drag my poor parents around town to eat here, here and maybe here this weekend

- Read, read, read! Finished Gone Girl and almost done with Cinder. What should I read next?

- Eat ice cream in bed

- Be a couch potato and watch bad TV shows like Married to Jonas and Cheerlead

- And at all costs... try not to think about going into labor without my husband being here!

PS -- For those playing fantasy football, watch John's show, Fantasy Football Live, at 9am PST for some last minute advice before kick off!

PSS -- This celebrity news makes me sad.


  1. I guess this is the first lesson in kids have a mind of their own...this little man is not coming until he is good and ready! Thinking about you all day!
    I too am very bummed about Will and Amy. Sadness.

    Love to you are your parents!!

  2. Hang in there! Your rules sound perfect, I especially like the ice cream in bed : ) Before you know it you will be back home with that bouncing baby boy!