Monday, September 24, 2012

This Week of Linky Links

I miss the Midwest in the Fall.
8 hours of sleep is overrated
My dad sent me this NY Times article to make me feel better about napping.

This kid can dance
Break dancing, hop scotch kid

A few new blogs I'm looking at
I'm pretty sure this blog is run by a bunch of teenagers but I love mindlessly looking at the random photos they post daily.  Love the clean lines and simplicity to everything this blogger posts. Ever watch that show Most Eligible Dallas? Somehow I got sucked into it and loved everything Courtney wore.

Favorite Dresses from the Emmys
In between multiple diaper changes and feedings Jake & I watched the Emmys red carpet last night. My top 5 favorite dresses were:
- Kerry Washington
- Cat Deeley
- Edie Falco
- Zooey Deschenel
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus (minus the hair)

PS - Siri, you looked gorgeous! Hope you had a good night out from the kiddos! Extremely jealous!


  1. I love Courtney Kerr's style! So fun! I'm so glad you like her blog...I just wish she posted more!!!

    I missed the Emmys :( How were they? Excited to see you tomorrow night!!!