Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bottle Feeding for Picky Babies

Kisses from Grandma Riley
I meant to post the key to our success with bottle feeding about 2 1/2 months ago, I blame mommy brain. Anyway, I hope this helps other moms because I did not find this suggestion online.

4 brands of bottles, 2 different flow nipples and 1 frazzled father later Jake finally found his groove with bottle feeding!  We discovered he has a very discerning palate for breast milk. :)

Our pediatrician said the refrigerator can sometimes change the flavor. So she said to taste the milk freshly pumped vs. milk that has been in the fridge and if it tastes a little different that might be the problem.

I wasn't planning on trying my own milk but hey you do what you gotta do and yes, it totally tasted different! So we gave Jake the milk freshly pumped a few times...gulped it right down. Then, flash frozen (directly into the freezer after pumped, then thawed in hot water) and he took it like a champ! So that's our secret - pass it on.

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