Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Trader Joes Favorites

Right after I created my TJ's top ten list I thought of a whole bunch of other things I like at Trader Joes:

1. Dark chocolate Tahitian vanilla caramels or chocolate mints
(they come in little bags for those like me who lack self-control)
2. Peppered turkey bacon
(great for BLTs)
3. Balsamic glaze
(so tasty on a caprese salad or strawberries)
4. Lara Bars
(always have one in my purse, favorite is peanut butter cookie)
5. Steamed lentils
(mix with pico de gallo and feta cheese (optional) scoop up with corn tortilla chips)
6. Chocolate covered potato chips
(dangerously good, craved this when I was pregnant)
7. Flattened banana
(yummy snack)
8. Pastry bites with feta & caramelized onions
(perfect to have in your freezer when you need to make a last minute appetizer)
9. Oh my! Omega trek mix
(individual bags, another emergency purse snack)
10. Power berries
(dark chocolate with acai fruit juice inside, like to pretend they are healthy)
10. Brussels sprouts
(Find in fridge section halved and all ready to be steamed. Mix with chopped turkey bacon and pears)
11. Honey Sesame Cashews
(addicitive, beware!)

Looks like I'm not the only one loves Trader Joes, I found this TJ's dedicated blog and this Pinterest board.

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