Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trader Joes Top Ten

We got a new, very large Trader Joes between my home and office a few months ago and I go A LOT since its so easy. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites, it was hard to pick only a few desserts!

1. Coconut body butter
(thick stuff, great for dry skin, light smell)
2. Chocolate covered pretzels with peanut butter inside
(duh. salty + sweet)
3. Bistro salad
(not usually a kale fan but this combo is healthy but tasty)
4. Super spinach salad 
(the ginger dressing is SO good)
5. Rosemary chicken & wild rice
(pre-made fridge seciton, only heat for 5 min or chickie will be dry)
6. Granola cranberry maple, gluten free
(yummy sweet snack)
7. Frozen brown rice packets
(always have these in my freezer)
8. Frozen panko crusted tilapla
(make sure to flip halfway)
9. Creamy corn and roasted red pepper soup
(mix in shredded chicken, brown rice & veggies)
10. Cookie butter
(mix with vanilla ice cream)


  1. You read my mind! I have been wanting someone to post about their fav TJ items. Thanks!
    - Mary

  2. I either love most of these or am adding them to my shopping list to try:) You just made me really hungry Deuce!