Monday, April 15, 2013

Working Mom Uniform

I love pink and I feel sometimes it gets a bad rap. I know its bright, super girlie and not all shades are created equal but it really does make me happy and my outfit less sad. Love mixing it with navy blue.

(left to right)
1. Pink Zara blazer, Loft polka dot button down
2. Navy Zara blazer, Old Navy t-shirt, Loft skinny jeans, pink Aldo heels
3. JCrew button down, JCrew skirt

I'm a big fan of chambray button downs but does anyone else think the name is too fancy for what it really is... a denim shirt? Also, I've been pronouncing it wrong for a while now... I've been saying CAM-BREE instead of the fancy correct way SHAM-BR-AY. Anyway, have this one and want to wear it this Spring/Summer with white pants, skirts and tied over dresses.

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