Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mobile Apps for Busy Mamas

Itty Bitty JRW


AKA "The Brain Dump". This is the ultimate list keeper. I have this app on my iPhone, my home Mac and also my work laptop so I can always add or check off items and its synced everywhere. I have lists for each of my clients, a "worry list", random to dos, wish lists, goals and on and on...

Nike +

I still haven't mastered how to work full-time, workout and spend enough quality time with Jake so right now I've committed myself to at least do a half an hour of activity a day. For me this means going for a fast walk/cheap run, bike ride or workout video at home. When I walk or run I use this app to track how fast, time my run and it even tracks your route.

Baby Connect

I don't use this app anymore but I used it every day that first 3 months. It tracks every eat, sleep, pee, poop. This is key when you're trying to get in a certain number of feedings, make sure he poops and gets enough sleep. This app even has exportable stats if you want to get fancy.


I know, duh, everyone has Pandora but we've added some stations for Jake. We love Raffi for play or bath time, Jewel's children mix for naps and Jake loves to dance to Motown, well, mom does too. :)


A lot of my family and friends have Instagram and are always taking photos of our little man so we've set up a hashtag #jrweisbarth so everyone's photos can be seen in one place.


One of the best timesaver apps. I have an Amazon Prime account plus the subscribe & save program for diapers. I manage it all from my iPhone and can quickly reorder products i've previously purchased and with prime it gets there in 2 days. Wow, sorry I sound like a commercial. Just a big Amazon fan!

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