Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This week of linky links

Oldie but goodie. This is what happens
after a few cocktails on a cruise.
Here are a few random things I'm eating, wearing, reading and just overall good stuff.

I don't usually go for a Starbucks sandwich but turkey, kale, swiss, seedy mustard & caramelized onions = HELLO! Tasty.

Confession: Sometimes I steal Jake's baby food and eat it on the way to work! Love Plum's spinach peas & pears. Is that weird? Don't answer that.

Confession #2 I'm pretty sure this Target dress is a nightgown and I have worn it to bed (super comfy) but I've also belted it and worn it to work the next day!

Love the vibrant colors in this F21 boho skirt. I pair it with a tied chambray shirt and pretend I'm Nicole Richie.

New TJs favorite: This chipotle BBQ strip steak. We've put it on a salad with mango salsa and recently had it with broccolini & jasmine rice

Just started reading the murder mystery The Cuckoo's Calling. JK Rowling wrote it under a pen name (nerd alert!)

Been in a Whitney mood recently, love this song:

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