Wednesday, August 21, 2013

11 Months Old - Love List

Well our little J.R. Weisbarth is a 11 months old and he is Mr Explorer, watch out world! Here are a few of Jake's favorite things this month.

Melissa & Doug Stacking Blocks = We build castles, we practice our ABCs and we put them on our heads and laugh. Hours o' fun.

Lift the flap books = Even though Jake tends to break off a few flaps here & there, it is worth it. We love Dear Zoo and Where is Spot?

Walk n' Roll Rider = Jake is obsessed with this thing. It can be a bike or a walker and right now he loves using it as walker to go everywhere. Highly recommend it though, make sure to turn it off, it randomly started singing in the middle of the night outside our bedroom window = a crabby mama.

Velcro adidas baby shoes = Jake started wearing REAL shoes this month, we got these as a present and they are super well made and look adorable.

Sassy Butterfly teething toy = We kept this in the freezer and this was perfect go-to this summer to help relax the little man while growing 4 teeth at a time.

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