Monday, October 14, 2013

It's Finally Fall!

Festive fall doors in my neighborhood
It finally feels like fall in San Diego! Well, as fall-like as it can get in California. I'm excited about...

Halloween Fun
I wish I was crafty and could make this old man from Up costume for Jake and then dress up John as the little boy scout.  How fun are these cute front doors in my hood (see picture)?!

Comfort Food
I love all the pumpkin spice recipes and special addition treats at TJ's. Also the word on the street is M&Ms came out with a pumpkin spice flavor  this year, but I think its a myth, I still haven't found them.  I want to have some friends over and make some boozy cider. Oh and can't wait to make these homemade butterfingers with leftover candy corn!

Cozy Clothes
Bring on the jackets, scarves, chunky knit sweaters and boots with dresses! Debating buying new brown boots vs. attempting to get my current pair fixed. Just bought this lazy tunic to go with skinny jeans & boots on the weekends.

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