Monday, October 28, 2013

My Favorite Things - October

PS - I promise not to wear my tiny hat
with a bejeweled corset
A few random things I'm loving right now:

Little hats on adults always make me laugh, so I had to buy this little witch hat for Halloween. (See photo - I bought it at Target but its not online). I also bought these pants and PJs for me and Jake looks adorable in this vest and I might go back for this sweater. I know I have issues.

Mini Dance Parties
Right now Jake is working on his foot stomp & head bob dance so we've been having mini dance parties at our house to Drake's new song "Hold on, We're Going Home", Katy Perry's new song "Love Me" and we've got the SS crew with "What I Am" on repeat!

Lotion to Oil
I have super dry skin so I like to move from lotion to oil in the fall/winter. I'm loving this Fresh Sugar body scrub and body oil. Has a light lemony scent that's slightly like fruit loops but in a good way. Its a little pricey so I also still use this oil from my pregger days. It's cheaper and has no added chemicals in it.

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