Monday, January 20, 2014

Greasy Hair Fix

Confession: I only wash my hair every 3-4 days and on that 4th day I look a little like a grease monkey so I tend to try a bunch of random things to cover it up. Maybe I'm alone in the grease monky department but if not, here are a few suggestions:

- Silk Scarf
I have a small collection of silk scarves I've collected over the years from vintage shops and I like to tie one on with a messy bun.

- Fun hats
I work in a casual office so I like to wear hats but still look somewhat professional. So I'll do a tee, casual blazer, jeans and a fun hat. I currently have my eye on these throwback baseball hats.

- Sock buns
Looks clean and put together even though you're rocking an atheltic sock on your head. YouTube it.

- Dry shampoo
My friend Ingrid told me about this brand of dry shampoo. It's the bees knees. Spray into sections of your hair at the roots and it totally makes a difference.

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