Monday, February 24, 2014

February Love List

I need to have stripe intervention. This is a little much.
Michael Kors wallet, Express sweater,
Alice + Olivia collab for Starbucks mug
My parents gave me a Fitbit for Christmas and I'm now fully aware that I am a lazy sack of potatoes. I'm excited to see what the deal is with the Fitbit + Tory Burch collaboration.

Have you heard of Great prints, awesome cause. I bought this one and have it on my desk as a good reminder.

Oatmeal Obsession - Have you ever added peanut butter to your oatmeal? A co-worker introduced me to it. Mind. Blown. I add a little maple syrup + peanut butter, kind've like an oatmeal cookie.

My Love for Dresses = Wish I could afford this Madewell dress and this goregous printed Anthro dress and this comfy stripe swing dress

Currently listening to... Pandora's "Classical for Studying" at work and for Jake likes "Jewel Children's" station for bath time and naps. Also, really dorking out on The Piano Guys - love all the fun songs they cover. 

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