Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Love List

- Old Navy plaid button down
I love putting Jake in cute little button downs, graphic tees and shorts this summer.

 - ello glass water bottle
Currently loving glass water bottles... unfortunately I've already broke one of these because they're not completely klutz proof.

- Benefit "They're Real!" mascara
This mascara is the bees knees, a must-have

- VerMints
These mints are not as crazy minty as Altoids and have little mint leaves in them. I typically find them at Whole Foods or independent grocery stores.

- Cute tote bag
You can never have too many reusable bags, well, I might have too many but I had to buy this one on a recent trip to SF.

- EOS lip balm
I like to have a lip balm/chapstick in every purse just in case. This EOS lip balm is a great go-to.

- Ray Ban Aviators
So classic, will always be my favorite pair of sunglasses

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