Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This week of linky links

Fun, random links I've had my eye on this week...

Heyyy Don Draper... why is he so hot just saying "What?"

Obsessed with maxi skirts & this color purple. Wish I could find something similar with a stretchy waistband so baby W & I could make this work.

My friend Tonya made some amazing vegan pancakes for my birthday (since I'm allergic to eggs) and now I can't stop making them. She started with this recipe but used almond milk instead of water, used half whole wheat half white flour, adds in a tablespoon of cinnamon and vanilla. Oh and don't forget the fruit! Raspberries or bananas with nutella...yum.

Cutest maternity clothes from the Hatch Collection – unfortunately too expensive for me. I LOVE this coat and this dress.

Might add this book to my ever growing pile of baby books I haven’t read yet.

This song is on repeat at our house, John is obsessed.

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