Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter with a kick!

We had a good Easter filled with a couple firsts... This year John's sister Debra was the head chef giving John's dad a holiday off. She did an amazing job and threw in some new favorites like brussel sprouts with bacon and cauliflower mash potatoes.

I made Mama Riley's corn casserole and burnt the cheese so they kind've resembled hash browns (main reason why I am not the head chef). Also, my mom sent me an Easter care package that included her famous fudge with sea salt so I forced myself to share that with everyone.

The other big first was Baby W gave the first kick/jab/punch during dessert! I think it was the baby's way of saying, GIVE ME MORE FUDGE!

All and all a great Easter but I always miss my side of the family when we're not with them during the holidays... no matter how many years go by that never goes away.

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