Monday, April 9, 2012

Hoohah or Tally Wacker?

Source: via elenore on Pinterest

Today was supposed to be THE DAY, at 19-20 weeks you get to find out the gender if you want to know and I NEED to know. I'm horrible at surprises, always have been, I was the little kid who went searching high and low for the hidden Christmas presents starting at Thanksgiving and to this day if John puts a present under the tree early I get caught trying to peek under one corner.

Well, it was just my luck that today baby W was acting shy during our ultrasound.  My OB thinks its a boy but isn't 100% and the genetic testing doctor at 12 weeks is pretty positive its a girl. So we're back at square one, so not fair. The good news? We have a very healthy he/she growing in my belly.