Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to an Old Friend

Source: via Judy on Pinterest

Happy 30th Birthday Carolyn! I'm hope you had a fabulous day because you truly are the bees knees, awesome possum and cat's meow. I feel so lucky that you were forced to grow up next door to me and be my friend, well, since day one. Sorry you had no choice.

Miss you & love you!

The Central Park Neighbors (from left to right): Carolyn, me, Erin,
Christa, Mike, Brian and Elissa


  1. You are the most, Meg. Wish I could see your smiling face (and growing belly!!) right about now. Amongst the many things I am grateful for, you are certainly at the top of my list. Miss you, friend!! XOXO

    1. Hope we can get Auntie C out to San Diego later this summer or fall! Miss you!