Monday, May 7, 2012

My Summer Staples

Wore my new Loft dress this weekend
and attempted to play croquet. 
I did some major closet cleaning on Sunday, storing clothes that don't fit right now and trying on tops and sundresses to see what will fit over my growing bump this summer. Luckily I did have some winners but like any woman with a shopping problem I do have my eye on a few fun additions to my closet... Here are some of my summer staples:

1) Maxi Dresses/Skirts
Just bought this non-maternity Loft dress (see photo) and LOVE it. I found out the key to maxi dresses when you're pregnant is they need to be slightly a-line. I also have this Gap maternity dress and skirt. Hoping to add a few cheap Target & Forever21 finds like this and this.

2) Light & Long Tunics

I found this tunic at a boutique in Portland last spring and wear it all the time. Also, hope to save up for a Tory Burch tunic, she has amazing prints.

3) Skinnies/Leggings

I live in a pair of maternity skinny Sevens jeans, they are super duper stretchy. As for leggings, Gap has the best maternity leggings, super soft & light material. Thanks Laura O for the maternity hand-me-downs.

4) Statement Necklaces

Over the last few years I've become obsessed with statement necklaces and finding new ways to wear them, see here. I've had my eye out for a geode necklace for awhie, like this one and I feel like I need J Crew's bubble necklace in every color especially since I just found out they have a smaller, less expensive version at the outlet.


  1. I ran out and bought this Loft dress. You are right, it's so wonderful! And, I can easily rock it at 37 weeks pregnant, so you can definitely wear it all summer through your 3rd trimester. Thanks for the hot tip!

  2. Yay! Isn't so comfortable?! Only complaint is I wish it wasn't racerback but otherwise I love it. Wow, 37 weeks, so close! Good luck on the homestretch!

  3. I love the tunic you got in Portland. What is the brand and/or name of the store you got it at? I think i am going to run out and grab a pair of those Gap Supersoft Leggings.

    - Mary