Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Linky Links

This week has been tough in more ways than one and I've had a very doom & gloom outlook. To give you an idea, a boat of an oldsmobile cut me off on the highway today and before I could stop myself and see who was driving I ended up giving this little old lady the middle finger. That was the low point when I knew I needed to lock it up! 

So, I'm all about moving towards happier thoughts, one of my favorite blogs wrote a post about what makes her happy so here are a few things that make me smile.

- This very romantic, funny and well thought out proposal.

- Seeing a good old fashioned mullet, it just makes me smile. It could be on a man or woman, long or short. It doesn't matter it makes my day every time. 

- Big bear hug from John after a long day at work, feels safe

-Daydreaming of Baby W's face while looking at baby pictures of me and John

- A good belly rub down with lots of lotion, it gets so itchy! I've used this and this and both seem to work great but I'm also curious to try straight coconut oil which I heard works well.

- Fun photos that make me smile

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