Monday, June 4, 2012

Pregnancy: What I've learned so far...

Since I'm only a week away from my 3rd trimester, I thought I'd recap a few things I've learned so far on this crazy yet amazing adventure.

1) You can do anything, but you can't do everything:
One example of this is... I've experienced abdominal pain in the mornings between 7:30-8:30am off and on for the last couple months. Of course that's right when I'm trying to get out the door for work. It was really frustrating at first but I had to come to grips with this baby and my body are my first  priority and if I have to be a little late to work, so be it.

2) Advice overload:
I understand that everyone is just trying to help but wow, a lot of people have STRONG opinions about pregnancy, birth & babies and it took me a few months to learn to just say thanks and walk away.... my baby, my choices. With that said, I think this mom-to-be said it well under "General Advice" in her pregnancy survival guide. Also, love Lucie's List advice via a weekly email.

3) Support the girls:
Okay boys "ear muffs" for this one, I want my girls to look good as long as possible and the twins need to be supported properly. I've gone up a size twice and so I just go to Nordstrom Rack and get 1-2 of the expensive bras for 1/2 the price and its really helped so far.

4) Investment piece = jeans: 
I have a casual office with occasional business casual days, I invested in 2 pairs of stretchy dark wash jeans, a skinny jean & bootcut. I like Sevens and Hudsons, the stretcher the better, not all maternity jeans are created equal! Everything else I mainly got from Target, Forever 21, Gap & Old Navy = long ass tanks, maxi dresses and flowy tunics mixing in light scarves, fun necklaces and other staple pieces that still fit.

5) Prenatal Yoga:
I go to a prenatal yoga class every Thursday that's taught by a doula. It's really "yoga-lite" but I seriously feel like a new women - less lower back pain, no leg cramps and my mood is a lot less crazy lady and more mild momma-to-be.

I'm still working on...
- Making time to go to movies, live music, musicals and just spending uninterupted quality time with John & girlfriends as much as possible
- Learning to accept my new body, it looks like a tornado hit our bedroom almost everyday, its been a challenge to learn how to flatter a beach ball belly.
- That I'm actually going to give birth... I know its crazy but I still need to wrap my head around what needs to happen at the end of all this! I'm a little skkrd to be honest.

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