Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Weekend in iPhone Photos - It's Go Time

This weekend was about crossing things off the to do list. John & I are both big procrastinators and with a little less or more than 49 days till baby dubs is here... its GO TIME (or at least time to get started).

- The to do list isn't all errands, quality date nights is definitely on the list
- Dinner at True Food Kitchen - look at all those veggies just hanging out in the middle of the bar!
- Then to the movies, saw Snow White & the Huntsman... Charlize Theron = amazing, Kristen Stewart = lame. Best part of the movie was the previews, Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby looks incredible! Wish we didn't have to wait till Christmas

- Started off lazy but then we went into full baby prep mode
- John worked hard on the nursery furniture. I ordered a fancy organic mattress to prevent SIDS, organized baby gear, washed clothes and gathered more ideas to decorate the nursery
- Ended the day at one of John's favorite spots, the Red Fox Room. John ordered a well-deserved martini and we saw our good friends Tonya & Greg for a bit before crazy preggo hormones told me to go home and go to bed

- Off to Babies R US to do some returns/exchanges... I usually don't like to go in there without a mom friend/baby expert but I was focused, made my exchanges and only ended up with a couple random things (calcium gummies =  yum!)
- Then, a matinee with my friend Natalie. We finally saw Magic Mike. The "dancing" was fun but the plot was too serious and unnecessary. Ladies, its at least worth renting with your girlfriends, drinking wine and FF and REW to watch Channing Tatum & Matt Bomer - HELLO!
- A little Woodstock's Pizza for dinner to make our Sunday complete

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