Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Office Baby Shower

Today my office threw me and my co-worker Sylvia (due 10 days after me) a baby shower. To be honest I was just excited for a fun ladies lunch in our break room and some cute onesies. I was so surprised, these ladies did so much to make me and Sylvia feel special.

Our office manager reserved a room and had it decked out in pink for Sylvia's baby girl and blue for baby dubs. One co-worker made us diaper cakes, another co-worker who is an amazing baker made egg-free cupcakes and raspberry oat bars and there were loads of adorable gifts from everyone. I couldn't help but feel undeserving especially based on my recent behavior which usually consists of being late, crabby and forgetful!

Anyway, totally exhausted but an unexpected great day.

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