Monday, July 30, 2012

This Week of Linky Links


Olympic fever!

I can't get enough gymnastics, swimming and most of all women's beach volleyball! Check out these emotion-filled photos from the Olympics so far.

I love that Misty May & Kerri Walsh are back together! I can't believe Kerri Walsh popped out 2 babies since the last Olympics!

Heyyyyy Ryan Lochte... looking good on this Vogue cover! Can you lose the diamond grill though? Little douchy.

How cute were Aly Raisman's parents? I totally see my parents doing the same thing.

Fun Fashion

Wish I could pull off this casual but yet so chic look.

Watching Project Runway? Fun episode last week - the "candy couture" unconventional challenge. I predict the final 3 will be:
1) Ven = though I wish he wasn't so cocky
2) Sonjia = loved her shades of blue candy dress
3) Dmitry = Not a fan of his personality at all but I think he's talented

My fashion blog crush Kendi, wrote this post the other day. Though she has my dream job and an amazing wardrobe its kinda comforting to hear her life isn’t perfect either.

My friend Jen was raving about these hair ties while she was out here for a visit this month and then my friend Erin D was also raving about them the other day. So I had to jump on the fancy hair band wagon... I have to admit I'm hooked.

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