Thursday, August 2, 2012


It's crazy how one photo can bring a ton of memories flooding back... A friend from high school posted this photo on Facebook today and I was instantly taken back to good ole Flossmoor, IL. I seriously lived and breathed cheerleading. We had practice before and after school to prepare for state and national competitions and I would stretch & do sit ups every night before bed! Which kind've makes me laugh now in my big-bellied state.

Also, it makes me think about the different roads our lives have taken. Kerry (middle, right side with the big, bright smile) passed away from cancer a couple years ago. She was such a kind & loving person. The girl to my right, Chedney, is working in Frankfurt, Germany for Mattel (barbies!). Jenn, who posted this photo is now coaching her own cheerleading squad in a suburb of Chicago. Then there is me, I never would have guessed that I would be living in San Diego, married to an amazing man and about to have a baby!

Flasbacks like this are a good reminder how fast time flies and to appreciate every adventure and every person you meet along the way.

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