Monday, August 20, 2012

This week of linky links

Our good friends, the Clarkes, came over for dinner last week. See photo of Kristen & I are doing the "pregnancy handshake". Our due dates are only 3 days a part and we're delivering at the same hospital! BTW- how ridiculously cute is their daughter Ainsley?!

Only 4 more days of working from home and I'm officially on maternity leave! Woo hoo! I'm hoping that will put me in the mood to cook more - I'm thinking this and this. Also, I can't stop eating this. I randomly bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond and I'm hooked!

A gorgeous cat eye on my HP girl Emma Watson that I would never be able to reproduce. Total girl crush.

The Hunger Games is out on DVD and currently On Demand! I watched it on Sunday, love the costumes (though the infamous red fire dress could have been better), love me some Peeta and sobbed again watching little Rue.

I'm super forgetful and surprised to find out I have this in common with Chelsea Clinton who forgot to lock the bathroom door and Diane von Furstenberg walked in on her! Awkward!

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