Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Weekend in iPhone Photos

Tomorrow starts week 38 for this pregnant lady and its sure getting weird... my right ankle or, cankle I should say, is way puffier than my left, what's up with that?

Even more strange... John & I went to a play on Friday night and I was approached by a psychic during intermission! She showed up out of nowhere and said - Congrats on your baby boy! She mentioned she was a psychic and she had a feeling my boy was going to excel at math & science, have brown hair with a cowlick and be outgoing in a sweet way. Ummm, WHAT? I was so taken aback I instantly turned red, just said thanks and POOF! She was gone. The rest of the night all I could think about is my child prodigy/mathlete/outgoing actor... I know, I got a little carried away but pretty creepy right?

Anyway, crazy pregnant stories aside it was a good weekend. Our friend Brendan was in the play we saw on Friday at the Lambs Players Theatre in Coronado. I would highly recommend it for any San Diegans who love the theatre, its a light hearted caper based in 1940s England.

Saturday & Sunday was nice & lazy... I started reading the book Gone Girl, we had brunch with our friends Vijay, Jessica and their sweet little Maya and John made a fresh pasta dinner using tomatoes from our garden.


  1. Be warned that your ankles get WAY bigger after you have the baby. So much that I called the doc bc I thought something was wrong. My right was bigger than my left one too. And it felt like it was going to explode about 5 days after I had her. No worries though. It all goes back to normal about 10 days after.

    1. Hey Katy, I'm glad I'm not the only one! Pregnancy is so weird. Hope all is well with you -the recent instagram photo of your little girl with the bow just kills me, so darn cute!