Thursday, August 16, 2012

Girlfriends, Fall Mags & Cookie Dough

I will soon be out numbered by boys so it was nice to kick John out and have five of my favorite ladies over tonight to just hang out, eat and read magazines. I made this eggless cookie dough recipe with every intention to make cute little pops but we decided to just eat it from the bowl instead. It was so tasty, I ordered the cookbook the recipe came from on Amazon - another impulse buy!

As for the Fall magazines, the 916 page Vogue was too overwhelming for me but I did like that for their 120 year anniversary that they showed a copy of the first Vogue cover in 1892! Loving the popular Fall colors - hunter green, deep reds & purples especially in fun, easy to wear shift dresses.

That's all I got in me tonight... coming down from a major cookie dough buzz and need to get to bed!


  1. Good times last night! Thanks for having us over for one of our final ladies nights before BW's arrival.

    The cookie dough was AMAZING...worth every calorie!

    1. Thanks for coming over and bringing Mama Dial too! You guys are truly my San Digeo family and can't tell you how much I appreciate your love & support.