Monday, August 6, 2012

Time to Motivate

So I'm officially 4 weeks away from my due date... and I'M SO DONE.

Just to rant a little:
- Feel like an 80 year old woman who needs to wear one of these detectors just in case I fall and I can't get up
- Can't sleep and when I do I wake up freaked out thinking I smushed the baby
- Forgot my PIN number at an ATM (how is that possible? Its only 4 numbers)
- Baby dubs has found my ribs and likes to kick them
- And the big winner... I'm starting to get cankles

What is my motivation?
- Only 4 more days in the office than I get to finally work from home in my PJs
- The doc says baby dubs is in a good position face down with a strong heartbeat
- I can eat dairy right now and it doesn't hurt my stomach (bring on the ice cream!)
- The song below pushes me to keep walking (more like waddling), working and just taking each day at a time. (The music video is weird but the song is an oldie but goodie)

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