Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Day

Last year's turkey bowl win
Oh how I love turkey day... you gotta believe I'm going to wear my maternity jeans tomorrow just for that amazing stretchy waistband! We will be spending the holiday in Coronado with my in-laws while my parents are in NY with my brother. Thank goodness for Skype, I hate not being together.

We've got John's annual turkey bowl in the morning. (He worked on his playbook for 3 hours last night, very serious stuff). Then, at 3 o'clock its time to chow down. My father in law is the master chef with the best sausage stuffing in town and my sister in law is in charge of mash potatoes and pies. I'm bringing this super easy corn casserole and might try making a new dessert salted caramel butter bars. I know its a rookie move to try something new on a holiday but it just sounds SO good.

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