Monday, November 19, 2012

My Newborn Essentials

JRW at 2 weeks old
Already turning on the charm
We survived the first 2 months and our little man Jake is somewhat starting to get into a routine. Thank goodness. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite things that have made life easier.

Lucie's List
A new mom must have. I assume most preggers ladies get either the or emails. They are helpful but Meg on Lucie's List is a mom who really knows her stuff and the tone of her emails make you feel like you're getting advice from a close girlfriend. Plus, her baby registry spreadsheet makes going to Babies R' US a lot less intimidating (well that and bringing a mom friend with you, thanks Laura!)

Pack n' Play with Newborn Napper
We love our pack n' play, we had it in our room for the first few weeks and Jake slept in the newborn napper instead of a bassinet. It folds up easily and I'm sure will use it for years when traveling.

Milkies Milk Catcher
Breast milk is basically liquid gold especially if you're a mom who wants to store as much milk as possible. This thing feels a little big & awkward in your bra at first but you get used to it. While you're breast feeding on one side this will catch the "let down" on the other. Sometimes I catch a half to an ounce in one feeding!

Swaddle Me Blankets
This little baby straight jacket makes swaddling super easy. I heard the Miracle Blanket is great too but these are cheaper. We also love an old fashion swaddle with super light Aden + Anais muslin wraps.

Medela Steam Bags
Makes all the crazy sterilization bearable. Super easy way to steam bottles, nipples, breast pump parts, etc.

Zip Up Pajamas
Find out what brand fits your baby best and then buy lots of zip up pajamas or they are sometimes called footies. I totally understand you want cute outfits to show off you're baby but zip up pjs are the quickest to change in and out of for everyday use and there are a lot of cute options at Target, Baby Gap, etc.

BOB stroller
Just got it recently so not much to say yet. Still need to get the carseat adapter but every mom I know said it was worth the money so we went for it. But we didn't get it full price, the secret is to call the nearest REI store and find out when they do their used equipment sale, usually twice a year. We got ours half off! I've also heard great things about the City Mini.

Snap n' Go
John & I were waiting for the big BOB sale at REI so we didn't have a stroller when Jake was born so we borrowed my friend Laura's Snap n' Go and we love it for quick trips to see friends, Nana's house and we'll definitely bring it when we fly. The Snap n' Go is meant for the Graco Snugride car seat but most car seat brands have something similar.

We have this swing and JR takes his morning and afternoon naps in it every day. Love it.

Other items I used a lot:
- Lifesavers are different for every parent. See this post on what helped me that first few weeks
- Ergo Baby Carrier with newborn insert
- Loads of burp cloths & small wash cloths
- Changing pad covers, changing diapers can be tricky at first.
- Large exercise ball, our boy loves to be bounced to sleep also helps him burp
- Nipple butter, much better than lanolin
- Look Look book, the black & white pictures are super engaging for infants

Great extras to ask for as a present...
- Nap nanny
- Play mat

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  1. Thanks for sharing friend! Super helpful info for Kathryn :) Xoxo