Tuesday, June 11, 2013

9 Months of Handsome

JR's dapper outfit can be found here

So our boy is 9 months old this week and just look at him... he's one crazy cat. He's somewhat mobile (army crawl style), likes to bob his head to Motown music and likes to fake cough ("I've got the black lung Pop!") It's been a roller coaster ride but I wouldn't want it any other way. A few call outs:

Veggies First

Lesson learned on introducing solid foods... I wish we would've started with veggies ONLY from 6-9 months than introduce fruit. Jake will eat any fruit as well as sweet potatoes and carrots till the cows come home but right now he hates everything green. FYI - big fan of Earth's Best, buy the cans in bulk on Amazon Prime.

Zany Zoo

My brother and his girlfriend bought us the Zany Zoo for Christmas and its become a playtime staple. Lots of different activities and great for standing independently and learning how to pull up (while holding it down of course).

Apps for Busy Moms

I love helpful phone apps for to do lists and quick ordering, see this post.



Crabby baby cure? Put him in a tub. We like to bring our ducky tub outside and just hang out without water or fill up a baby pool and just splash around. Works everytime, well, at least for 20 mins.



I started weaning Jake around 8 months. It was a slow process and somewhat hormonal but a month later I still feel very bonded and happy to give "the girls" a break. See this article from Cup of Jo about depression and weaning, just so you're in the know. Also, I highly recommend waiting 2 weeks before shopping for normal bras. I went down a whole cup size so its good to wait and see what size you're going to be.

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