Monday, June 24, 2013

Sweet Home Chicago

Just got back from our first vacation with Jake. I am completely exhausted but so happy we were able to make the trip to visit my parents, go to a wedding in my hometown and see close family & friends.

Jake was a champ both ways on the flight! Thank. Goodness.

Started the trip in Duneland Beach with my parents.
Forgot how gorgeous the sunsets are over Lake Michigan

Friday we went into my hometown of Flossmoor.
I showed my boys the rock I used to ride my bike to and the house I grew up in
Then, we met up with our dear friends the Hassetts for dinner & lots of laughs
Is it weird that I miss the trees in the Midwest?

So good to see my close friend Ingrid... miss her to pieces
Jake & Ingrid hit it off right away, she swayed him till he fell asleep in her arms, so precious.
So much fun going to a wedding in my hometown and seeing old friends
Lots of quality family time with Uncle Mike & Ali
The Central Park girls were the last ones on the dance floor!

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