Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lesson Learned: Flying with a Baby

Jake was a champ on his first trip to Chicago so I thought I'd share some of the advice I received and what worked well for us. Disclaimer: I'm sure every baby at every age has different interests and habits but this is what worked for my very vocal, newly crawling, 23 pound 9 month old boy (yes, I said 23 pounds).

1. Prep Work:
If you buy a ticket for your baby you're a lucky duck, if you're like me and fly with a lap baby you 'll need to call the airline beforehand so that shows up on your boarding pass. Also, certain airlines like Southwest want proof of age so make a copy of his/her birth certificate and put it in your wallet just in case.

2. Baby Bjorn to the Rescue:
Put your little peanut in a baby bjorn for when you go through security and walking onto the plane, having both hands free makes life easier. Also, I walked Jake up & down the aisles in the bjorn and it helped him fall asleep (this worked on both flights!)

3.  Our Secret Weapon:
A tissue box filled with small toys. So random I know but babies in that 6-9 mon range love to explore and taking toys in & out of a tissue box bought us a good 30 min which is a lot longer timeframe than all the other books & toys I brought on the plane that kept Jake's interest for no more than 5 min.

4.  The Food Situation:
Jake is now taking formula and these individual packets were awesome for the plane. Try to time feedings for takeoff and landing or at least something to suck on to pop your baby's ears. For solids we bought the food pouches and this attachable spoon. Also, a ziplock full of puffs to shake, eat and throw around bought us some time. As for John & I, we had a glass a wine to calm our nerves (a must) but make sure to ask for a lid for your drinks.

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