Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Christmas Present Awards

Giving and receiving gifts can be so much fun especially those unexpected presents that make your family laugh, cry or jump for joy. Here are a few of this year's highlights:
Jake in the Box

- Jake's favorite:
He got this cool drum set, recordable storybooks and a train but what was his favorite thing this Christmas?  The big box our new dishwasher came in.

- The most fun present to give: Cards Against Humanity to my board game loving sister in law

- The most unexpected gift to receive:
This goregous JCrew tortoise clutch from my brother Mike & girlfriend Ali. I'm obsessed with it.

- The gift I NEEDED:
New phone to replace my old, sad cracked phone from my husband John

- Best prank present:
Goes to my brother Mike. He gave his girlfriend a beautiful Louis Vitton purse but it was hidden in a Bathe & Brew box. I gotta admit I kind've wish the Bathe & Brew existed! I would totally drink coffee in the shower.

- The best reaction to a gift:
This one goes to my mom. A bunch of us chipped in and got her an iPad mini. She jumped for joy, cried a little then wouldn't let go of it, she even clutched it as she fell asleep that night.

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