Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Weekend in iPhone Photos

This weekend went way too fast... Friday, John's parents gave us their theatre tickets since his dad had a bad cough. It was a musical comedy called Nobody Loves You and poked fun of my guilty pleasure, reality dating shows. Highly recommend it but make sure you go to the bathroom before, there is no intermission which was a little scary at 27 weeks pregnant!

Saturday, we had lunch in Coronado for John's parents 38th wedding anniversary and some quality time that night with some of my favorite girls and of course, my main man Jack. I confessed that I want to see the movie Magic Mike. It looks so bad but so GOOD, why hello Chaning Tatum...

Today, John & I did a hospital tour in the morning and my heart skipped a beat when I saw a crazy eyed woman in labor rushing through the lobby. Its all getting very real, ahhh! I then proceeded to watch multiple episodes of Pregnant in Heels, love that show and then a BBQ/bonfire at our friends, the Pierres.

Overall, a great weekend and Baby W is moving around a ton. You can now see some alien-like movements from the outside of my belly! Is it an elbow? A foot? Who knows its so weird!

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