Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Superfoods = Super powers

Warning: I'm going to get a little hippie/granola on you today.
Right now I feel like a million bucks and when you're 32 weeks pregnant you just don't feel that way very often. I attribute it all to the food I ate today and its a good reminder of how powerful food can be. I tried out a new restaurant called True Food Kitchen tonight (check out the menu) and I'm already obsessed with it. I ordered the Mediterranean Chopped Salad and Kale Aid smoothie which I might try to recreate at home, see ingredients below. I definitely think getting a good dose of a superfood like kale is why I feel so good. Here is a short list of other superfoods and their benefits.

A cliff notes version of how food changed my life (sounds dramatic but it was!):
About 3 years ago I came down with a super itchy rash on my hands and feet that was so bad it kept me up at night. I had a staph infection but once I finished the antibiotics the horrible rash still didn't go away. My dermatologist tried to get rid of it with creams and steroid-filled pills. Nothing helped. Finally I did food allergy testing (blood not a scratch test) - which they call a food panel.

It worked like Harry Potter-esque magic... within in 2 weeks of cutting out the foods my body was less tolerant to my rash disappeared. Within 2 months I felt amazing, got rid of lot of inflammation and had lost 10 pounds. It is a huge life change, I no longer eat eggs & pineapple and I reduced the amount of diary & gluten in my diet but can't tell you how much it is worth it for my overall well-being.

Kale Aid Smoothie:

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  1. Looking foward to trying True Food Kitchen with you on one of our FV trips :)