Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby Weisbarth's Nursery

It was a rough weekend... just feel big & uncomfortable at this point. I'm not sleeping great, so much that I was actually doing the "sleepy head bob" during a musical on Saturday night, oops, and missed a friend's baby shower. :(

Good news is I was able to take a decent nap today and John finally took photos of the nursery. Still have a couple things to add - John is in the midst of a little art project that will go above the changing table and I haven't found a mobile that I love yet for above the crib but overall I'm happy with how its come together.


  1. The nursery looks amazing!! You guys did such a wonderful job!!! Now we just need a baby to put in there :) Crossing my fingers for this week!!

  2. Cuz,
    did you announce the name? Miss you and love you guys!!!

    1. Hey Shannon!
      No announcement yet, we're going to keep it a surprise for when the baby's born. Hope all is well!


  3. LOVE the nursery. So cool to see how well your vision turned out. JRW nursery...FABULOUS. I especially love the rug. Looking forward to having slumber parties on Saturdays with you both when I get home.