Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby W's Cravings

Lefty's deep dish pepperoni pizza + honey
My appetite & cravings are all over the place at this point but they basically consist of these top 5:

Non-pregnant Megan actually doesn't eat dairy but that's really gone out the window this last couple of months. I actually made John stop by Bed, Bath & Beyond this past weekend just to buy Indiana Popcorn white cheddar popcorn.

I wake up almost every morning craving orange juice and have recently been sucking on straight lemons - something my mom has actually done for years! I had dinner at my friend Michelle's house tonight and she combined my citrus & cheese love in this amazing lemon pasta recipe. Looks super easy and might need to make it myself this week. Note: Michelle only does 1/2/-1/4 cup olive oil, I guess Giada overdoes it a bit.

I like these little Amy's margherita pizzas. I try to say I'm playing for a tie because I put arugula on top but let's be honest its still pizza. I also decided the best way to celebrate the start of my maternity leave on Friday was to have Chicago-style deep dish pepperoni pizza at Lefty's and had to bring some honey in my purse to go with it. Ever try it? Yummy salty/sweet combo.

The peppery flavor makes it a lot more exciting than other leafy green so I add it to random things just to get my greens for the day. I mean not in cereal or anything crazy... mainly as a side salad but I have ate it straight out of the bag like a rabbit before, don't judge.

This whole pregnancy I've really been into red meat. I'm talking filet mignon, ribs, brisket and the occasional hot diggity dog. I like to say its because I'm growing a big, strong boy! I try to balance it out with other lean proteins like ground turkey, chicken and quinoa but its not the same. I especially love the ribs at Phil's BBQ, if you don't live in San Diego you at least need to try the BBQ sauce, best I've ever had.

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