Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nautical Nursery - Sneak Peek

I'm excited to show a little bit of our nursery! John hung up the photos & art above the guest bed and I just had to share! Not only is it a sneak peek to the decor in baby dub's room but also a little hint on his name. Just for fun we do want to wait till the big day to announce his name but feel free to take a guess :)

What I love about this wall is a lot of these photos share something special about our family...
- John grew up sailing with his dad
- Every summer I would go fishing with my dad, check out me driving the boat! (upper right)
- The big boat picture is John's dad's sailboat, The Wouff Hong** and the photo was taken in the 70s 
-John & I love a good theme party, so had to share a photo of the captain & his first mate on a cruise ship
- My mom & I splashing around in Lake Michigan

**The boat got its name from John's grandfather and some crazy story from being in the Marines in the Korean War. Sorry, I'm not a good listener so that's all I remember.


  1. I love this!! Great job!! So perfect for you guys :) So excited to meet little JRW!!!

  2. John Riley or Jack Riley are my guesses