Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Post-baby bridesmaid

I am a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding approximately 6 weeks after I pop out this baby. She is amazing and is letting her bridesmaids choose any style dress just needs to be a certain color so I'm on a hunt for a raspberry-colored short dress. The tough part is how the heck am I supposed to know what size I'm going to be? Will "the girls" be huge? Will I still have a mini beach ball belly? So I think I might have to buy like 5 dresses and have the bride-to-be make a game time decision.

So far I have these two options pictured. Already own the first fit & flare style dress from Topshop and just ordered the 2nd one from Nordstrom since they let you return things like years later. I'm also warming up to this dress in vintage berry at JCrew... think it would be flattering and I could wear a regular bra, but is it raspberry enough? Hard to tell. Anyway, if you have any tips for dressing a new mom, send them my way!

I can say this... the dress that matters most is perfect. My friend Erin D is going to make B-E-A-UTIFUL bride!

Source: Nordstorm.com


  1. The J Crew Spiced Wine looks a little more raspberry-colored. I vote JCrew or Topshop!

  2. Ohhh, I like the J Crew one too! You have some great options! I am still on the hunt for more for you as well!! Bottom line, I want you to be in Austin standing by me so whichever dress makes you feel fabulous works for me:) I know you are going to look amazing no matter what you wear! Xoxo

  3. When I had my first baby, I stood up in my sister's wedding 5 weeks later so I completely understand your plight. I unfortunately did not have a choice of dress and just had to order the bridesmaid dress multiple sizes bigger since it's easier to take in than take out in size. In my experience, YES your ladies will be bigger IF you are breastfeeding. As for your the mini beach ball belly, I would say yes to expect a little one but you will probably only be a size or two bigger (in pants) than your normal. So it's mainly the top that you should be concerned about and just make sure it's not really fitted around your belly. Remember, there is always Spanx too! :o)

    1. Thanks Jen! Great advice and Spanx are a must have!